About rest.lessWait_Post_May 20

We’re a small development team from Hamburg, Germany currently trying to set foot in the big world of game making. We’ve worked in different game companies for several years, until we’ve decided to create our own games. The name „rest.less Games“ is actually just short for „restrictionless“. We chose it because we don’t want to settle on a certain genre, try to see things from a different perspective and maybe sometimes break with traditions.


We can also be hired for small development jobs, game design consulting, and translations jobs. Feel free to contact us.

The Team

RLG Tzyoggah Game Design
Daniel Szodruch – Owner / Head Gamedesigner

RLG Gyosei Developer
Siegfried Jensen – Owner / Head Developer

RLG Ambernite Concept Art
Sina Fricke – Freelance Artist

ava birthe
Birthe Claußen – Freelance Social Media & PR Manager