About rest.lessWait_Post_May 20

We’re a small development team from Hamburg, Germany currently trying to set foot in the big world of game making. We’ve worked in different game companies for several years, until we’ve decided to create our own games. The name „rest.less Games“ is actually just short for „restrictionless“. We chose it because we don’t want to settle on a certain genre, try to see things from a different perspective and maybe sometimes break with traditions.


We can also be hired for small development jobs, game design consulting, and translations jobs. Feel free to contact us.

The Team and everyone who works with us


Daniel Szodruch

Co-Founder, Game Designer, Composer

Founded rest.less Games together with Siegfried in 2014. Listens to music all day long, and very much enjoys puntastic jokes.

Siegfried Jensen

Co-Founder, Lead Developer

Founded rest.less Games together with Daniel in 2014. Enjoys complex strategy and 4X games, and listens to creepypasta while coding.




Anna Franziska Horne

Intern, Unity Developer

Anna is currently doing a 3-month internship in our small studio, and is working on „The Quest Giver“ with us.

Karolina Herszkowicz

Intern, Concept Artist

Karo is currently doing a 3-month internship in our small studio, and is working on „The Quest Giver“ with us.

Anika Falke

Freelance Artist, Quest Giver Lead Artist

Anika is creating the main artwork for The Quest Giver. We’re very grateful for the art style she contributed to the game.
She has many other works as well, all of which have a beautiful and innovative design.

Keno Rott

Sound Designer, Composer

Keno is currently providing us with sounds for „The Quest Giver“. He saw the game on an event and was hellbent on working with us.
He also has a chiptune music project known as Vault Kid.


Laurène Sauzet

Freelance Translator (French)

We started working with Laurène when we created „Wait – Extended“. She offered translating it into French, and did an amazing job. In fact, working with her was so pleasant that we drove to France to meet her in person. She will be translating „The Quest Giver“ as well.

Sina Szodruch

Freelance Artist

Sina worked with us on „Wait – Extended“. She created all the non-pixel artwork used in cutscenes, and also designed our Steam Trading Cards for Wait.

Birthe Claußen

Media Consultant

Birthe helped us with a lot of Social Media, Marketing, and Press related things. She also provided us with a variety of contacts, and created the basic form of this website.