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Founders: Daniel Szodruch and Siegfried Jensen
Address: Culinstrasse 23a, 22111 Hamburg, Germany | Founded: April 1st 2014
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We are a small development team from Hamburg, Germany currently trying to set foot in the big world of game making. We have worked in different game companies for several years, until we have decided to create our own games. The name „rest.less Games“ is actually just short for „restrictionless“. We chose it because we don’t want to settle on a certain genre, try to see things from a different perspective and maybe sometimes break with traditions.


About rest.less Games

We created „Wait“ for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest and therefore had a time limit of 4 weeks to complete it. Through the progress of creation we grew fond of it and so did several people who played it. Now we decided to create an extended version in which we could implement everything we had originally planned, (such as alternate endings, achievements, more rewarding secrets and visuals) hence the name „Wait – Extended“.

The game is made with RPG Maker VX Ace Engine, as the contest was hosted by the RPG Maker Team. Although the engine was made for roleplaying games, we saw potential for an adventurous horror game. We tried to make the environment and atmosphere as realistic as possible and move away from the standard fantasy flair the RPG Maker engine offers. In October 2015 we finally published our first game Wait – Extended on Steam.

Currently we are working (again) on our new project „The Quest Giver“, a 2D fantasy guild management simulation, built in the Unity engine.

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