The Quest Giver – Development Statement

The development of “The Quest Giver” has been a chain of bad luck, not only businesswise, but also in our private lives. The latest of these setbacks is the fact that we sadly didn’t get any publisher, public grant, or other financial support for this project, which is why we have decided to let it rest for now.

Although the idea sounds great to many, it seems we didn’t execute it well enough yet, which is nothing that’s not solvable on the long run, but right now we’re out of finances, and we can no longer allow ourselves to take the time to carefully evaluate what the game’s flaws are and fix them.

These flaws, as we assume, have only ever been born because we have been working part time (3 days a week) during a critical phase of the game’s development, which means we always had a week-long pause, between development sessions. That way, your train of thought is cut off each week, which naturally leads to mistakes.

We fear, that if we now do the same thing again (part time work and development), we might mess up the game even more, which is something we don’t want.
Okay, now this sounds like the game is a complete disaster, which is not the case. You can check out the current version yourselves, as we will release that version together with this statement.

The game is not cancelled, but it will not happen in the near future.

We love “The Quest Giver” and would never want to throw it away, but right now it’s just not possible to continue working on it. We are truly sorry for everyone who waited for it, and of course especially for everyone who funded us on Brightlocker (which was another bad decision during the development, apparently).
Of course we’d understand it, if you want your money back that you’ve spent on the platform. If so, please send us an email, using the address you used to sign up on Brightlocker, and we will compare it to our reports. (Please understand that we can’t refund purchases that have been bought with “Brightlocker Gold”.)
If you choose to not be payed back and wait for The Quest Giver to happen someday, we have all purchases written down and will deliver whatever it is you bought when the time comes.

We really hope you understand our predicament, but if you’re angry or disappointed that’s okay as well. Our only wish is to make good games, but money dictates what you can do in this world.
Thanks to everyone who has been interested in the game.

We hope we didn’t lose your trust.
Sincerest apologies

Daniel and Siegfried

rest.less Games