„The Quest Giver“ is a 2D Fantasy guildmanager simulation, in which you create your own quests and send adventurers to go do them.

The Quest Giver is all about quest giving; a game that wants to show how much effort it is to create and assign quests, and what (presumably) happens in the life of a guild owner which commonly gets overshadowed by the fame and glory of the heroes whose names will be remembered forever.

We thought it was time to let you see things from the perspective of the forgotten: The man (or woman) who made all the tales of great adventure possible in the first place! Of course you won’t be just standing around waiting for adventurers to arrive. You will be managing your own adventurer’s guild as the quest giver in this guild management simulation.

Currently not in development. See more info here: http://the-quest-giver—development-statement

The Quest Giver – Features

Create your own quests and hang them on your questboard, recruit suitable adventurers and heroes to successfully complete the quests. Choose fitting rewards and become the best adventurers guild of them all.

  • innovative gameplay
  • randomized worldmap, heroes, shop items and more
  • 3 different story lines
  • 25+ different adventurer classes
  • detailed fantasy world with a lot of lore
  • charming artstyle
  • a humorous and parodistic take on the fantasy genre
  • high replayability

How does that work?

The Quest Giver plays a lot like a Point and Click game. You switch from scene to scene and click on objects to make things happen. It’s a slow-paced, relaxing game, in which you can take your time to investigate, think, and decide. Also noteworthy is that the game is not helping you (the player) in any way.
This means the game will not restrict you in your decisions, will not help you with possible options, or generally „do stuff“ for you.
We wanted the player to have the full experience of how much work it is to be a Quest Giver and through how much effort an NPC (Non-Player-Character) goes, to give you a reasonable quest. (NPCs are people too!)

This motto also goes for the process of creating a quest. You will have to select a number of quest parameters, like a quest target (be it fiend, or item, or else),
a quest location, and some other things, and decide for yourself whether or not these parameters make sense.
Once you’ve selected all the necessary options the quest will be created and given a randomly generated description and name matching your selected quest parameters.
Sounds complicated? Don’t worry. It’s not that bad. We just wanted to make sure the player has enough possibilities. Once you get the hang of it, you will be a quest giving master in no time.

The quest creation

For every created quest adventurers will apply and it’s up to you to decide who gets to have all the fun. The adventurers will come with different classes, attributes and traits.

The adventurer selection

Next to creating quests you will have to manage and upgrade your guild hall, gather information on fiends and regions, and stock up your inventory with rewards and materials.
Doing all this will increase your guild level, unlock new adventurer classes, and give you enough possibilities to eventually defeat the great evil threatening the world.

The upgrade menu

The Quest Giver – Platforms and languages

Next to a PC/Mac version, The Quest Giver is also planned as an app for Android and iOS systems. Initial supported languages will be German, English and French. Additional languages are a possibility.

You can find out more about The Quest Giver on: